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Hall of Fame - Batting

Grade Type 
Match Format 
11006343391513023392839100Steven KukuckaFootscray ANA2019/2020F1 (One Day)7 1Western CC
27998784151302318809679*Jarrod EcclesFootscray ANA2019/2020Gary Murray Shield Division 5 Seconds5 1Sunshine YCW
36864574151302339232468Henver IsmailiFoots ANA Blue2019/2020H1 Grade8 1Hoppers Crossing CC
46696992151302339283966Daniel NightingaleFootscray ANA2019/2020F1 (One Day)7 1Western CC
565140776151302328494165*Jacob CoxFootscray ANA2019/2020F1 (One Day)1 1Forsyth Utd Chargers CC
6581078989151302331207058*Harrison McDonaldFootscray ANA2019/2020Under 13 B Sat South3 1Wyndhamvale
7581078989151302338999358*Harrison McDonaldFootscray ANA2019/2020Under 13 B Sat South7 1Willy CYMS/Altona
85865822151302339525658Cory HarveyFootscray ANA2019/2020F1 (One Day)8 1Truganina Cricket Club
957634339151302338758357*Steven KukuckaFootscray ANA2019/2020F1 (One Day)5 1United Tarneit Sports Club
105498784151302321744054Jarrod EcclesFootscray ANA2019/2020T20 Round Robin - HUGHES2 1St Andrews
11531388945151302339061753*Alexander ElgFootscray ANA2019/2020Under 13 B Friday East7 1Seddon
12522003567151302339078852*Jilthendya PotlaFoots ANA Gold2019/2020H1 Grade6 1Melton
135264878151302328494152Peter KukuckaFootscray ANA2019/2020F1 (One Day)1 1Forsyth Utd Chargers CC
1451123350151302328494151Matthew EverestFootscray ANA2019/2020F1 (One Day)1 1Forsyth Utd Chargers CC
15501716692151302338757450Hari K GarapatiFoots ANA Gold2019/2020H1 Grade5 1Williamstown Congs
Note: Qualification levels for this report are 50 and 100 runs.

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